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Sue Pemberton Education

The Master Color Series, It's All About Hair Color

MODULE TWO: Hair Color Techniques & Blonding

  • Social Media & Photography
  • Advanced Corrective Color & Bleaching
  • Face Shapes & Color Contouring
  • 18 Classes / Lessons
  • 6 Hair Color Techniques with Demos
  • 7 Advanced Hair Color Blonding / Lifting & Shading Techniques 
  • Collection Liquescent
  • 13 Interactive Members Q & A


  • 1 Color Techniques
  • 1 Hair Cut
  • 7 Members Q & A Lessons 

This course is designed to take Stylists to the Next Level in Hair Color Knowledge, Advanced Color Correction, Contouring Hair Color, Color Shading, and Elevating your Expertise.

Module Two, Hair Color Techniques & Blonding;

  • Marketing & Branding yourself & Business
  • What Social Media is Important to You and Your Business Brand
  • Social Media Photography & Building Your Social Media Sites
  • Advanced Color Correction & Technique
  • Color Correction Examples for Discussion on SP's Quickest Way to Correct.
  • Consultation is the Key & (how you can utilize Pinterest to help) Face Shapes, Facial Features, Contouring with Hair Color to Stand out from the Rest.
  • Color Shading and Hair Color Designs with Sue's Tips & Tricks.
  • Demonstrations on Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal Color and Shading, and Balayage using Mannequin heads Pre-Lightened in Module One, and now we Color Shade.
  • All you need to know to excel in the Salon & your hair color career.💕

Get Your front-row seat! The Master Color Series is an entirely online hairdressing course so that you can watch & learn at your own pace & time with unlimited access.

How do I ask my Questions? After each lesson, you can post your questions, and Sue will answer. If further explanation is needed, one-on-one phone or Zoom calls can be scheduled to answer your questions directly. 

Master Color Series Private Facebook Group Join the group to connect with like-minded Colorists and Stylists, post your questions and images, and get hair color support. 

What you will get in Module Two: Hair Color Techniques & Blonding!

Marketing & Branding:

  • Marketing & Branding You & Your Social Media Accounts.
  • Instagram, Facebook Pages & Feed
  • Design Secrets makes social media work for you.  
  • Photography equipment is what you need for social media photography.  
  • Photography & Image Review for Social Media,
  • Composition is a primary key in photography, IG & FB Video Tips.  
  • BONUS Canva Tutorial, Pinterest Consultation, Hair Inspiration for the Client, Pinterest & Inspiration. 

Advanced Corrective Color:

  • Advanced Color Correction SP Bleach and Blonding Tips for Color Correction
  • Corrective Color Consultation with the Client Example
  • Corrective Color Demonstration & Technique with Final Images.  
  • Two Lessons on Color Correction
  • Examples & Situations from Members of How to Achieve the Desired Results Discussion with SP Quickest Approach.

Face Shapes & Contouring with Hair Color:

  • Consultation & Ageless Hair
  • Face Shapes & Celebrity Examples
  • Face Shapes & CONTOURING Hair Color Cut & Style.  
  • Facial Features How to Disguise or Accentuate.

Hair Color Techniques with Demonstrations

  • Vertical Coloring & Shading: Two Techniques, one on each side with finished Images
  • Horizontal Color & Shading: Two Techniques, one on each side.
  • Diagonal Color & Shading Demonstration
  • Balayage / Ombre / Sombre & SuePembre Color Demonstration on mannequins we lifted in Module One.

Advanced Hair Color Blonding /Lifting & Shading:

  • 5 Advanced Techniques with Pre-lightening, Blonding Lifting.
  • Followed with Advanced Techniques of Color Shading.
  • Collection "Liquescent."
  • 2 Blonding, Lifting Highlighting Techniques.


  • 1 Hair Cut Liquescent
  • Vertical Hair Color Technique Deposit
  • Two techniques from Pre-Lightening BONUS Content in Module One.

The course consists of technical content lessons and Sue Demonstrating Hair Color Techniques, either in a look-and-learn or hands-on format.

Sue 💕



What People Are Saying:

This is an excellent course because if you are very passionate & you want to be the best Stylist & grow and see beautiful hair color on your clients, then you should take this course; not only is it going to motivate you and make you feel reassured in what you're doing & why you're formulating something, it's going to give you confidence & my clients love to see that I am doing continuous education because hair's constantly changing and you can never know it all. I felt very honored to have learned from someone with the knowledge & Sue has done it all and done something I want to do & dream of doing and can help me get there. I questioned whether this is possible, but taking this course has made me realize it is possible, so why not learn from the best & take this course if you're committed to your Artistry? If you want to be the best and wake up happy without stress, live an extraordinary life & make good money, this is the course for you.

Stephanie White

I highly recommend this course to all Stylists, regardless of their level. There is a lot of information, but it's fast-paced and flows easily, it's easy to learn Education. Even for seasoned stylists, even if they have been doing hair for many years & know what they are doing, mainly from trial & error, when it goes wrong, then that's when it's hard to fix it, especially if you don't know the WHY'S this is an excellent course for learning hair color correctly for the first time & tells you the WHY'S. I want to add that it is a fantastic privilege & honor to be part of the MCS. There are many highly educated people, but very few are fun & easy to talk to & I love the Facebook Members group with like-minded Stylists.

Julie Engle Tomczek

This course wowed me!!! To learn FACTS about Chemistry of Color as well as Artistry by someone who only has talent & not selling anything but her Incredible Knowledge of how it all works together: Science & Artistry! Thank You, Sue for sharing it ALL 🥰

Barbara Stroessler

What an honor to learn directly from International Haircolor Icon Sue Pemberton!! She shares her career-long knowledge of the chemistry of hair color, so you know WHY & HOW it works... and then she shows you exactly how to take that science and turn it into beautiful ART & unlock your own inspiring creativity. She is a fabulous teacher, motivator, and mentor. Taking her Master Color Series course is the BEST thing I have ever done to advance my 20-year career! Thank you, Sue, for taking us under your wings & encouraging us to spread our own!

Stephany Weisling