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Master Color Series One, Two, & Three Complete Course


  • Hair Color Foil Placement
  • Balayage, Ombre, Sombre
  • Freehand Color Techniques


  • Social Media & Photography
  • Advanced Corrective Color & Bleaching
  • Face Shapes & Color Contouring


  • Hair Color Techniques for Cut
  • Competitions & Photography for Color
  • Inspiration to Creation & Conceptualizing
  • Creating Collection Disconnect step by step how to conceptualize & implement ideas.

Sue Pemberton Education Course The Master Color Series with 5-Time Award Winner & 8-Time Nominee in Hair Color Category. Sue has spent Decades Traveling Globally, Training International Teams in Hair Color Theory, Technique, & Hair Artistry, and NOW brings all her Knowledge & Expertise to YOU!

THE MASTER COLOR SERIES IS A ONLINE, NON-BRANNED HAIR COLORING COURSE THAT TEACHES YOU Everything You Need to Know to Excel. Learn at Your Own Pace, Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device. The Course is Designed for the Stylist who truly wants to learn Non-Branded Hair Color and Elevate their Color Knowledge, Technique, and Hair Artistry.

Over 100+ Master Lessons, 21 Plus Demonstrations of advanced hair color techniques that you can Follow along with your Mannequin Step-by-Step Up Close, and Front-Row Seating that you can Stop, Re-Wind, and re-watch When You Please.

  • 4 Pre-Lightening Foil Techniques with Demonstration
  • 2 Quick Color Correction Techniques with Demonstration
  • 4 Balayage, Ombre, Sombre & SuePembre Techniques with Demonstration
  • 4 Color Shading Techniques with Demonstration 
  • 3 Hair Cuts for Collection "Disconnect" with Special Guest Artist 
  • 4 Hair Color Concepts & Design Techniques with Demonstration 
  • Total 21 Demonstrations 

Post your Questions: After each lesson, you can post your questions, and Sue will answer. If further explanation is needed, one-on-one phone or Zoom calls can be scheduled to answer your questions directly.  

Included in the Master Color Series, Modules One, Two & Three Complete Course.

MODULE ONE:  Hair Color Basics & Color Correction

Course Designed for the Stylist who truly wants to learn Non-Branded Hair Color, Color Correction, & Foil Placement, Elevating your Knowledge from Hair Color Basics to Hair Color Expert. 

  • NON-Branded Hair Color Chemistry, pH, Theory, Formulation.
  • Color Correction: what you need to know with Corrective Examples and Corrective Color Demonstration of Sue's Favorite Highlight Correction Technique.
  • Sue's Methodical Approach to Foil Placement: Why, When, How?
  • Three Placement Demonstrations of Blonding:  Vertical, Horizontal & Diagonal
  • Balayage, Ombre, Sombre & SuePembre with 4 Demonstrations 
  • Including 4 Easy Freehand Techniques for Grey Coverage Clients to work out of the box.

MODULE TWO:  Hair Color Techniques & Blonding.

Designed to elevate the Stylist's Expertise in Hair Color Knowledge, Advanced Color, Correction, Contouring Hair Color, and Color Shading.

  • Brand & Marketing You & Your Buisness, Social Media Make it work for Your Brand & Elevate Your Buisness, Social Media Photography, Building your Social Media Sites. 
  • Consultation is the Key & (how you can utilize Pinterest to help) Face Shapes, Facial Features, Contouring Hair Color to Stand out from the Rest. 
  • Color Shading and Hair Color Design with Sue's Tips & Tricks. Demonstration on 3 Mannequins Vertical, Horizontal & Diagonal Color Shading Techniques.
  • Advanced Color Correction & Blonding with Live Models, Real Life Situations & Demonstration with Consultation 

MODULE THREE:  Hair Color Design, Photography, Color Harmony & Avant-Garde Hair.

This course is designed for Stylists who want to push their Careers and Grow with Collections, Photo Shoots, and Color Harmony, Elevating their Hair Artistry.

  • Color Harmony is Crucial for Designing Multidimensional Colors, your Hair Color Design Creations, Skin Tone, Eye Color, and Choosing the Right Color for the Individual. Get creative with Avant-Garde Hair. 
  • Hair Photography, Photo Shoots & Competitions NAHA, USA Hairstyling Awards. Creating & Building a Hairstylist Photoshoot Concept. Demonstration of Building a Concept & Design & Creating Hair Cut for Color Concept. Inspiration to Creation with Demonstration.
  • Photo Shoot Collection Disconnect, Three Hair Cut Demonstrations with Guest Artist Symone Reisner, Three Hair Color Techniques Coloring for Cut.
  • Industry & Career Opportunities, Where to Start Education / Platform Artists, Editorial Stylist Training your Team & Team Building. 

All You Need to Know to Excel your Knowledge, Techniques, & Hair Artistry Join me on the Color Journey.

Sue 💕


Price is Limited Time ONLY & NON-REFUNDABLE.


What Stylists are Saying .....

What an honor to learn directly from International Haircolor Icon Sue Pemberton!! She shares her career-long knowledge of the chemistry of hair color, so you know WHY & HOW it works... and then she shows you exactly how to take that science and turn it into beautiful ART & unlock your own inspiring creativity. She is a fabulous teacher, motivator, and mentor. Taking her Master Color Series course is the BEST thing I have ever done to advance my 20-year career! Thank you, Sue, for taking us under your wings & encouraging us to spread our own!

Stephany Weisling

This course wowed me!!! To learn FACTS about Chemistry of Color as well as Artistry by someone who only has talent & not selling anything but her Incredible Knowledge of how it all works together: Science & Artistry! Thank You, Sue for sharing it ALL 🥰

Barbara Stoessler

I highly recommend this course to all Stylists, regardless of their level. There is a lot of information, but it's fast-paced and flows easily, it's easy to learn Education. Even for seasoned stylists, even if they have been doing hair for many years & know what they are doing, mainly from trial & error, when it goes wrong, then that's when it's hard to fix it, especially if you don't know the WHY'S this is an excellent course for learning hair color correctly for the first time & tells you the WHY'S. I want to add that it is a fantastic privilege & honor to be part of the MCS. There are many highly educated people, but very few are fun & easy to talk to & I love the Facebook Members group with like-minded Stylists.

Julie Engle-Tomczek

This is an excellent course because if you are very passionate & you want to be the best Stylist & grow and see beautiful hair color on your clients, then you should take this course; not only is it going to motivate you and make you feel reassured in what you're doing & why you're formulating something, it's going to give you confidence & my clients love to see that I am doing continuous education because hair's constantly changing and you can never know it all. I felt very honored to have learned from someone with the knowledge & Sue has done it all and done something I want to do & dream of doing and can help me get there. I questioned whether this is possible, but taking this course has made me realize it is possible, so why not learn from the best & take this course if you're committed to your Artistry? If you want to be the best and wake up happy without stress, live an extraordinary life & make good money, this is the course for you.

Stephanie White